Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anime Boy Kneeling

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  • kirupa
    10-27 08:41 PM
    Yeah, it needs to be made to match the size of the template.

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  • kode
    10-12 04:24 AM
    maybe importing your swf or swft exported from swift into flash? :sleep:

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  • LondonTown
    05-21 01:50 PM
    How can you MTR for the 485 which was denied based on a denied 140? What were the grounds for denial?

    It was due to attorney's mistake.

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  • newtoh1
    03-05 04:10 PM
    My 140 got approved and 485 is in pending state.I have my EAD and also valid H1.

    1.Can I add my spouse to my GC status when PD is not current?My spouse is on H1B visa.

    2.If I start using EAD, is it still possible to add spouse or I should maintain valid H1 status?

    Can you please respond back ASAP.Thanks.


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  • vban2007
    10-23 03:00 PM
    Pls reply

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  • KLKJ
    06-16 06:26 PM
    I' am new here and find it hard to find my way through the "post all you want wherever you want":) feel that this forum gives me.
    Anyways, is there anyone out there waiting on an EAD from VSC? I hoped to see an EAD section or service center section on the forum but...
    I e-filed since November 3rd 2009 for EAD and did submit absolutely all required info, did biometrics in Feb.2010 not without having to inquire couple of times about the progress of my case. To this day I have received nothing that makes sense. It is an initial card.

    Yes, I have done plenty of SRE, calls, mails with return receipt until I saw a movement on my case status. My card was mailed on May 26 2010. To my surprise, after 7 painful months of wait for a card that should take around 3 months; the card for some reasons (that the post office refuse to accept as being accurate) was being returned as undeliverable on the 1st of June and again the 8th of June:confused::confused::confused::confused:: (I did call USCIS between that time time period to provide the address they already had!!!).

    I have not moved at all lately. The last change of address that I did was done by mail with return receipt, online, over the phone and I did receive a mail back at my new address stating that I did update my info. It was done in Novedmber 2009!!!!
    Out of the blue, the address at which I received my biometrics appointment and all other documents following the many calls and inquiries was not right when it came to mail my card....:D

    The post office that I did contact told me they had no reason to not deliver that particular mail since, yes my full name is displayed on the mail box, and yes it is a house not an apartment so less mismatches an all my other mails were dlivered... I have of course updated the address that they already have couple of times already but all I can do is wait ... Oh and I did the infopass as well, they could only type a note and give me a number linked to the inquiry like I get all the time. My DL expires tomorrow and the DMV won't renew without EAD or GC policy at DMV!(my I485 is pending on I360 approved)

    That's where my actual burden is because I have to drive myself to school and not being able to do so is just a living nightmare for me.
    Now that you get the picture, I wonder if anyone who filed for an EAD at VSC since last year is still waiting? Is there any special backlog at VSC for EAD's that could help me start to understand what is going on here?


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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-07 02:34 PM
    ..for more videos later through the weekend.


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  • harrydr
    08-26 10:36 PM
    My limited understanding about the GC process is that from the day I-485 is filed, a person may change his/her job only after 180 days or more, and of course by filing AC 21.
    Also, in case the I-485 does not get approved within the 180 days after filing, then how can a person change a job without having an EAD.
    A person can EAD only once I-485 is approved? Is that correct.

    Please throw some light on the above points. Thanks in advance.


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  • alex99
    09-15 01:42 PM
    please .....

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  • micofrost
    04-12 03:16 PM
    Some where I read that there is no fee for renewal of AP. I am a Jul 07 filer and am not sure about this. Further already applied last for Advance parole and travelled till it got expired last month. I am applying for a new one again. So just wanted to know if I need to pay the fees $305.
    So my questions are:

    Does the July 07 filers need to send the cheque for $305
    Should we also include Biometric fee of $80?

    And how much time is it taking these days for AP/

    Thanks in advance

    There is a confusion regarding who pays what amount.
    To avoid the filing date confusion, stick to this simple rule :

    If you paid less than $400 ( I do not remeber the exact I-485 fees prior to the increase), then you need to pay for the Ap and EAD, the respective amount. If you paid more than $900 for your I-485 filing, then go file AP and EAD as much as you want.
    For either case, you do not have to pay for the biometric. Biometric is only for EAD. Not for AP.

    AP takes roughly 45 days.

    Hope this is clear.


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  • werc
    12-09 08:57 PM
    Congratulations on your marriage.

    Depending on where your would be spouse is ,there are two methods.

    1. If she is outside the country , you would have to get her H-4 at the nearest consulate.

    2. If she is in the country , and assuming you want to change her status to H4 , you can do it by filing the change of status form with USCIS.

    Either way I do not think you would be requiring a lawyer. It is pretty straight forward. All the required instructions are on the form.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-16 08:11 AM
    funny still interesting.

    in order to reduce the crime rate, they should prolong the GC process!


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  • hope_2007
    03-28 02:50 PM
    Hi all,
    I do not know the timing but you may try calling right now, an automated message asks you to choose between senators(to whom you would like to send your voice) and you are then asked to leave message to the representative stating that you "Support the CIR".

    Thanks ...

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  • krishmunn
    05-03 02:29 PM
    You probably still have enough time if you go for PRemium Processing. LCA will take around a week and Premium H1 will take another 2 weeks .


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  • luksy
    10-04 04:06 PM
    i guess it's the commercials...

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  • GCSeeker2006
    05-28 03:37 PM
    It's only you who will receive the card, not lawyer.


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  • prasadn
    02-04 05:10 PM
    I have mis-placed my EAD. Normally I can just apply for another EAD. But, I will be travelling to India in Mid March on Advance Parole and I'm not sure if I'll get the EAD by then.

    My question is, will they ask for EAD upon re-entry.

    I am thinking of applying for EAD after coming back. Is there any special processing for applying for a lost EAD ?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Use the same application procedure as though applying for a new EAD, but make sure you check the box where it says "replacement of lost EAD". Also, write a cover letter explaining that you need a replacement EAD. I had to go thru this just a couple of months ago and USCIS reissued the EAD within a month.

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  • roseball
    03-12 06:33 PM
    Her employer is filing her H1 COS petition in premium processing, so I am hopeful it will be adjudicated within 15 days.

    One more thing you can do is that file your wife's H4 to H1 in regular processing and any subsequent H1/H4 transfer you would do can be filed in premium and get them approved. I am sure if H4 to H1 COS is filed in regular processing, it will surely take a minimum of 4 to 5 months to be processed.

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-12 02:02 PM
    First, the letter you got is probably a standard local office interview letter, so that it assumes a marriage-based interview rather than employment-based. This happens often.

    You should have an AC21 letter with you for the interview, to show that you continue to be eligible to adjust status.

    11-04 11:16 PM
    Hi All,

    I sent h1b extension application to california center on june 22nd and my application is still not approved. My current visa was valid until July 30th. I need to travel to India on Dec 10th due to urgent reasons . Please suggest what should I do

    1. Can I travel while my extension is pending?
    2. Can I raise a service request to speed up the processing?
    2. or Upgrading to PP is the only option?

    I do have EAD and advance parole through my husband's GC application. If I use parole for travel what happens to my H1b visa and GC application filed through my employer. My visa will still be valid or not?

    Please help...

    Thanks in advance
    1. There is nothing/ no one who can stop you from travelling if you want. The question to worry about is can you come back ;) (I know it is a smart alec answer, but couldn't resist it - and that is indeed the bottom line).

    2. SR to speed up processing might not be of much help

    3. PP will certainly make it time bound - however, even in case of PP, they can send the application for administrative process, which can still take more than the time you have

    Now, what happens in case you travel while the application is still pending? Your application for extension will be considered abandoned, and for re-entry, you will necessarily need to use AP. And since your extension is considered abandoned, you will necessarily need to use EAD to work, even for your current employer (that had filed the extension).

    Hope it helps.

    11-15 11:08 AM
    Will lame-duck Congress settle differences or scores? - (

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