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  • justice4all
    02-04 11:23 AM
    Thanks validIV for your reply.. I spoke to couple of attorneys regarding that.. one said its illegal and dont want to talk about it, other said that's the only option for my wife to go to job since she doesn't have an EAD.
    Lawyers reading this thread can throw some light..


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  • senk1s
    09-18 09:34 PM
    on ead you may work for (and get paid by) anybody

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  • ruchigup
    08-15 01:34 PM

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    03-08 03:55 PM
    It is always better to maintain the H along with the EAD/AP. If you apply for PP, you will get the approval within 15 days and include the 539 petition for yourself along with the H-1 petition.


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  • sanin
    01-16 05:31 PM

    I was working with company A since June to Dec 07. and Now I got offer with company B which they are filing my H1 transfer.

    but i dont have the last 2 months (Nov & Dec) paystubs from company A (have paystubs from June to Oct). because my employer dont give the latest 2 months paystub but i have proof of Bank Acccount mentioning the payroll information in bank account for month of Nov & Dec 07.

    So does the Bank Account statement will be valid for H1 transfer ?

    Please reply me ASAP.

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  • admin
    03-15 09:19 AM
    It would be really great if such a person working in a big Indian Company and is able to express himself well, can contact us. For this requirement, time is of essence. So please contact us at the earliest at


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  • cleopatra
    02-17 02:46 PM
    Ask yourself this question. Are your air miles worth more to you than getting your green card?

    There may be some members who will make it to the event if they get their tickets sponsored. While we can sit all day and talk about the reasons they should pay for their own tickets, lets keep that aside and get something done. At least they are willing to come if someone sponsored their tickets.

    To help these folks, donate your air miles. This will help to sponsor their tickets and make the advocacy day a success. it will move you closer to getting your green card.

    If you are willing to trade your air miles to get your GC sooner by resolving all the current issues, go RIGHT NOW and post your intention in the thread to donate your air miles. It is worth it.

    It does not matter how many miles you have, whatever you have, donate it today.

    Donate your miles and help yourself. DONATE NOW.

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  • Dom_
    07-30 03:20 AM
    this one is very cool


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  • Karthikthiru
    07-28 10:57 PM
    The author of that article is a Piece of S**T. Google about that guy - then you would know. He is an anti-immigrant

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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-07 07:38 PM
    There is no time limit of out of status.

    Once you are out of a company you are out of status.

    So make sure Company B at least files your case before 15th.


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  • minimalist
    08-03 02:30 PM
    Generally attorneys charge a retainer fee. What that means is they are willing to represent you regarding any issues with a case. Some services are covered with retainer fee and they may charge additional fee based on any extra work. For Example AC21 Retainer fee is around 750/- where they submit a G28. Then for any RFE they generally charge in the range of 250$.

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  • chinna2003
    05-15 09:27 AM
    My EB1 is not a very strong case as it is, so we are relying on the EB3 petition. I will definitely correct my profile as suggested.
    No disrespect intended, I still am not sure after reading your post whether one can take a employer sanctioned long leave of absence for a genuine reason in this case( child care).


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  • gc2
    01-11 02:02 PM
    you dont have to withdraw 485 for dependents as it will automatically expire. In some rare cases USCIS may allow applicants who have stayed out of US beyond AP expiry date to reinstate AOS application but that is at the discretion of the officer. it could be humanitarian grounds.

    if you can get 2 yr multiple entry AP, that could probably reduce your renewal frequency.

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  • gcformeornot
    08-08 09:25 AM
    When USCIS will clear July 2nd load. RD generation will move faster till July17.

    Since most of the Company filers(not self or desi filers) did not file for their employees.

    This is including my company


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  • miguelajjam
    07-25 12:36 PM
    Have a similar one:

    1)For (c)(9) eligibility status only
    Please indicate whether your pending I-485 is family-based or employment-based.

    ...There are two options Family based and employement based.

    As I am on H1B I selected Employment based. But, What should I select for my wife H4... Is hers Employement based or Family Based?

    Please Advise soon...

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  • indianindian2006
    04-12 04:13 PM
    Today i received a mail(04/12/2009) .Uscis issued an RFE. I am still waiting for it in mail.
    she is currently in india . coming back on 04/15/2009. will there be any problem for her while coming back. I am july 2007 filer on priority Date eb3 ( 04/23/2003). I have left my employer last year.My 140 was approved on feb 2007. what are my options.


    Is your wife travelling on H4 or AP.In both cases she should be fine.If she will travel on H4 then this is totally unrelated as your H1 is still valid and and she will be fine,if she is on AP then after RFE your case is suspended for about 3 weeks when you reply for the RFE and according to me she will be safe in the interim period of suspension to travel.
    Please consult your attorney for confirmation.
    Hope this helps.


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  • dealguy007
    05-19 08:59 AM

    first labor approved in may 2006 under EB3
    140 was approved in 2007

    Since I already had masters before I joined the company
    EB2 labor applied and received approval in Jan 2011

    My attorney applied for 140 porting but received priority date as Jan 2011 instead of may 2006. My attorney says immigrations has made a mistake, attorney contacted them and received a reference number basically asking attorney to call back on Jun 1st. I'm concerned on what went wrong and what could be the worst case scenario. How much time are talking about here.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


    It will alright, wait for few more weeks till attorney fixes the issue.

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  • rajeshpatl
    09-10 11:52 AM

    I am working on H1B visa since 2006 and my parents got an green card 7 month back. they are here in us and planning to stay here permanently, my question is.

    after 4 years when they get a citizenship, if they file I-130 (familybased GC) for me and my family and I will be still is US on H1B, can I directly file for adjustment of status or I need to wait till my date will be current?

    please reply.

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  • gccovet
    10-07 12:10 PM
    I need to find document or URL which states that "Employer is responsible to pay for H1B extension for its employee" OR it is illegal for employee to pay for H1B extensions.

    Could somebody help me find that document/memo? I am trying to google it as well.

    I need to submit this to my HR urgently (Red tape process :-( ). I will very much appreciate if somebody has the link/doc/memo handy and point me to it.

    Thanks a lot in advance


    05-23 12:16 PM
    Change your Job. If the job description and responsibilities are same then you have a sure shot at AC21. Choosing a good job is really worth the little effort of filing AC21.

    08-07 07:32 AM
    nice :) keep it up

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