Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • gcformeornot
    08-06 03:14 PM
    its common belief that you need to work for 6 months.

    There is no immediate problem if you don't but looks bad on citizenship time.
    IO looks suspiciously at N-400 stage

    Things you mentioned are not in you control so it would be OK. But if you leave on your own then may be a problem....

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  • Bilal Ahmed
    06-19 03:55 AM
    congrats dev..

    what was your recepit date by the way ?

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  • Almond
    07-20 09:32 PM
    They expire after a certain amount of time. Just go take them as they want you to. You don't want anything to get delayed in the future just because you don't want to be bothered with them today.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    08-22 04:43 PM
    It is a case to sign in native language...

    Well, if you forgot to fill the native language thing but signed the form, you don't have to worry about anything. Although the form is incomplete, the officer has no way of knowing for sure that your native alphabet is other than English... You may or may not get an RFE on this later...



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  • java_jaggu
    01-22 02:54 PM

    It's no different using the future employment EAD from that of a current employment EAD. However, I would suggest you work for that future employment company for say 6 months before you use AC21 and move on to a different job. This would alleviate the risk of INS considering your case to be fradulent.

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  • chanduv23
    10-26 01:04 PM
    Folks can also ask questions at the conference, but it will be moderated and limited. We will let you know the process.


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  • LegalIndianInUSA
    08-02 11:18 PM
    I think nobody is surprised by this.
    There have been a lot of stories in the press about similar things, and everyone on the forum agrees and thats that.
    Hence no replies.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    07-12 11:51 AM
    /\ /\ /\


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  • willgetgc2005
    05-01 10:34 AM
    ^^^^^ bumping up


    How responsive are they to our concerns. Are they accessible ?

    Others, any experience, please share. If you are more comfortable send a PM.

    I want to make the right decision. Thank You.

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  • yawl
    06-15 04:06 PM
    CIR will be back soon, lots of works to do:

    Reid, McConnell Statement On Immigration Bill

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement today:

    “We met this evening with several of the Senators involved in the immigration bill negotiations. Based on that discussion, the immigration bill will return to the Senate floor after completion of the energy bill.”


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  • alterego
    12-10 07:05 PM
    I know many people have been applying and reapplying for EADs and renewals.
    I am trying to see if I can figure out any trends in how they are selecting cases for 2 yr renewals.
    Please post your EB category, PD(month/yr is adequate), and approved EAD length. If we get sufficient responses perhaps we can see any trends.

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  • sanan
    08-02 01:42 PM
    Sure can! See the tracker. There is at least one person who filed in Texas and has his/her EAD approval date before the Finger Printing date

    I also had got my EAD way before my 1st FP - but that was in 2005
    Did anyone get I485 based EAD before the first FP? Thank you!


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  • rsdang
    08-22 11:44 AM
    There is a pilot in progress where a combined document has been issued which serves both as EAD and AP and the validity is 2 years... So I would say its a matter of time if the pilot is successful.

    There are some conditions that need to be met.

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  • waitin_toolong
    02-08 12:46 PM
    H4 time has been decoupled from H1 time but L1 time still counts against you so it will be 72 months -40 months


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  • acharaniya
    02-25 05:12 PM

    A friend of mine who's in India right now has been offered a job by two different employers here in the US. Both of those employers want to file for her H1B.
    From her perspective it makes sense to let both the employers apply for her H1 coz that increases her chances of getting at least one approved. However, reading a bunch of FAQs online it seems that it'd be illegal for her to let both the employers apply for her H1B.
    Is that correct? Does anyone have any insights?


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  • zeusjerry
    03-26 01:30 PM
    Hello Mates & Buddies,

    I am currently holding Indian Citizenship and planning to file my H1 on Indian passport.
    But at this year end I am also planning to take my Australian Citizenship.

    So could anyone please suggest or share his experience whether transferring H1 on totally new citizenship is possible or not ? if yes then what's the way ?

    And does anyone has any experience or knowledge of E3 (Australian Work visa to USA).

    Thank in advance !!!


    Are you planning to shift the H1 to a different citizenship for retrogression based issues ?? if so, i dont think there would be any advantage as Green Card Quota's are based on "Country of Birth" and not citizenship..


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  • neeidd
    08-05 12:20 PM
    We will not see any approvals unless we act togther and campaign for our cause. Please join us. More details at
    The thread you linked for I-140 delays. I am asking about I-485 approvals :)

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  • Lou76
    08-03 01:00 PM
    Almost 2 years ago I visited an attorney to talk about my I-130. I wasn't very inform at the time and I think the attorney took advantage of me. My mother had recently become a US citizen in 2007 when i visit this attorney. In 2005 my mother filed an I-130 for me so when she became a US citizen I thought I should visit an attorney to "upgrade my petition" since my mother was not longer a permanent resident but a US citizen.

    The attorney filed a Form G-28 - Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative which claimed was the petition upgrade. Recently, this past Friday I received noticed that my I-130 has been approved.

    Today, I try to contact someone in the attorney's office but all I get is the voice mail. To be honest I have no trust in this attorney but I already paid $850 for this attorney's service which in verbal agreement said to my mother would receive a discount for the next steps in my case. But this attorney has done nothing for me just file a G-28 so a noticed would be delivered to their office.

    I would like to know if I decide to find another attorney is there a way I can receive my $850 back some how through the new attorney or with certain process?


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  • cool_desi_gc
    06-25 07:00 AM
    I got FP notice inside 2 weeks of submitting my EAD application. I am in TSC. Again FP depends on when you last Finger prints. I dont everyone 'HAS' to get FP.

    11-21 01:51 PM
    She will get her EAD even if your priority date retrogresses in the next visa bulletin.
    As far as I know, you don't neccessarily need to file EAD with your I-485. Once your I-485 is pending, you can file EAD anytime after that(irrespective of PD movement) but its always better to file them together.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    you are right, when you are eligible to file AOS, you can file for EAD (AP etc) as well.


    07-17 10:32 PM
    I got myself in somewhat of a mess here and wondering if there is any solution?

    I filed for my I-485 on June 28th and it reached UCSIS on 2nd July. I wasn't able to do the same for my wife as she was in India at that time.

    She is back now and I want to file her I-485 but my lawyer tells me I can not do that because it either needs to be filed concurrently with mine or they need to have a receipt for my I-485 which doesn't seem to be coming in the next few weeks.

    Is there anything else I can do? Anyone has similar experiences? Will a copy of my I-485 filing do?


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