Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • rbalaji5
    04-02 08:55 PM
    Thank you Sir.

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  • EkAurAaya
    11-12 04:23 PM

    Generally, adjustment of status applicants must obtain Advance Parole (Form I -131, Application for
    Travel Document) from USCIS prior to leaving the United States or else their applications are
    deemed abandoned. H-1 and L-1 nonimmigrants (and their H-4 or L-2 dependents) are now exempt
    from this requirement. Previously, they were required to present a receipt for their adjustment
    application at the time of readmission to the United States following foreign travel. This final rule
    eliminates the unnecessary burden of presenting this receipt since the application information in the
    receipt is in USCIS databases available to immigration inspectors and adjudicators.

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  • ubaidu
    10-25 08:35 PM

    I am on EB3 with 140 approved. My PD is Dec 2002. My company is ok to give me a promotion and re-apply on EB2. I have roughly 8 years of experience as a software engineer. According to my company's lawyer I may still have a problem because my university education is not in computers. I have 3 years degree in mathematics (BSc) and 2 years in business (MBA). I also have 2 years diploma in computers.

    Anybody has any experience with such a case? Any suggestions or ideas?

    What is the risk if I decide to take a chance ?

    Thanks a lot..

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  • senthil1
    05-01 09:32 AM
    Many people might have lost job because of last year rally. Here I heard one of company in Chicago area fired all the illegal immigrants in last year immeditely after rally. So this kind of things may not be necessarily positive.

    If Illiegals can protest and can have large rallies across the nation then whats the problem with the legals? Why can't we put our point forward through these kind of peaceful but strong measures.:confused:


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  • ras
    01-02 03:39 PM
    Any suggestions plz....

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  • matreen
    04-26 12:18 AM

    Friend of mine had a interview today about 20 min, seems like everything looks good.

    The current case for my friend falls under EB3 (2001). But the tricky thing is he filed another case in 2005 in Lulac but he revoked the case.

    After interview officer said she needs calrify the Lulac case and background check.

    I am wondering if anybody is in similar situation if so your advice will be very valuable.




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  • go_guy123
    03-08 10:06 AM
    ILW.COM - immigration news: Bloggings on Political Asylum (,0307-dzubow.shtm)

    Mar 07, 2011

    Political Asylum for Libyan Students in the US?
    More than 1,000 Libyan students are currently studying in the United States, and the continuing unrest in their homeland has them worried. To make matters worse, the Libyan Embassy in the U.S. apparently contacted many of the students and threatened to take away government scholarships unless they attended a pro-Khadafy rally in Washington, DC. The Libyan Ambassador (predictably) denied any such threats.

    Anti-Khadafy protestors tell it like it is.
    Some of the students are politically active. For example, a student in New York has started a Twitter account called Enough Gaddafi that has over 7,000 followers (a website is coming soon). In Kentucky, a group of 50 Libyans gathered to voice their support for the protestors in Libya. And Libyan students in Colorado and Oklahoma are speaking out publicly against Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy.

    Given the current situation, can Libyans in the U.S. successfully claim political asylum?

    As usual in immigration law, the answer is a definite maybe. For those students listed by name in newspapers and who engaged in anti-Khadafy political activity, or who made anti-Khadafy comments, I would imagine that they have a solid claim for political asylum. If Mr. Khadafy remains in power, the students would face severe consequences upon their return to Libya. There is no doubt that Mr. Khadafy�s regime tortures and murders political opponents. Further, given the Libyan Embassy�s attempt to rally Libyans in the U.S. to Mr. Khadafy�s defense, it is very likely that the Libyan government is aware of the students� political opinions.

    For those Libyans not mentioned in newspapers, or who were not contacted by the Embassy about attending the pro-Khadafy rally, an asylum claim might be more difficult. Generalized strife in a person�s home country�in and of itself�is usually not sufficient to qualify for asylum. Whether a particular individual qualifies for asylum would depend on his or her personal circumstances.

    Finally, the situation in Libya is very fluid. Perhaps Mr. Khadafy will be gone soon (we can only hope), but perhaps not. As the situation on the ground continues to evolve, so too will the possibility for asylum for Libyans in the U.S.

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    07-17 08:47 PM
    I used these guys and they did a great job. Mine was translated from romanian though.

    Good luck !:)


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  • fromnaija
    09-15 08:05 PM
    It is possible if you have an I-140 approval for the EB3 labor certification. The procedure is that at the time of applying for the EB2 I-140 you would ask that you be accorded the earlier priority date of the approved EB3 I-140.

    But since , in your cae, it would appear you did not file an I-140 for the EB3 LC, you are out of luck.

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  • smuggymba
    05-20 11:04 AM
    Thank you Rahul..
    I really appreciate it.. Just one more clarification.
    My employer didn't asked me anything during the interview (about CPT/OPT). Since I have to join in a week, should I inform them beforehand?


    The HR should ask you for the authorization before joining or when you do the HR paperwork. They might be assuming you're a US Citizen.


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  • bharat2008
    08-09 12:13 AM
    Hi all
    I have I-140 approved from Company A . Company B applied for my H1B extn based on Company A's approved I-140 and got 3 years extension till 2011.

    My question:
    can I switch to company C now and get 3 more years extension again.? My I-140(company A) has not been revoked and priority date is not current.I want to start my PERM only after joining company C .

    Thanks in advance .

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  • AllIzzWell
    03-08 11:19 AM

    I will be travelling to India and the airlines is AirIndia via Frankfurt. FYI, my US visa expired in 2007 have valid I797 (until Oct 1st, 2010). Do i need to obtain a visa to travel via franfurt. AirIndia flight stops for couple of hours in Frankfurt to re-fuel.

    Also as you can see my I797 is valid for six more months (company will apply for renewal) but will it be safe to visit India and get stamped for Six months valid document (I797).

    My wife is on H4, is only she travels will it be ok from visa stamping standpoint. If there is risk, i will not travel but she has to due to family emergency.

    Any input/advise is appreciated.



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  • gsc999
    04-05 04:05 PM
    I have sent an e-mail requesting the call number

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  • dano
    05-05 03:53 PM
    I've also heard about these two attorneys, one from Reisterstown,MD and the other from Arlington,Va.

    I am myself starting the process, and I've heard mixed opinions on these two. i would appreciate anybody that could chip in.


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  • akred
    06-18 02:09 AM
    my company lawyer did not ask for any tax returns or w2 forms .. Should they be submitted as part of "initial evidence"

    Tax returns are not part of "initial evidence". You have to provide them if asked by the USCIS.

    BTW, the IRS will mail you tax transcripts for free if you call them. You will get them within a few days.

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  • narentilwani
    03-05 02:04 PM
    I believe my situation is a lot similar to man-woman-and-gc except maybe that I am single. This is what I have achieved so far after sticking to Company A for 4.5 years (this one was pretty big in size; so didn't have to worry about any paperwork):

    1) I-140 approved in August 2008 (total of 198 days till date i.e. March 5th 2009)
    2) I-485 pending since July 2007 (USCIS receipt date of September 29 2007)
    3) EAD valid till October 2010
    4) H1-B valid till October 2010
    5) PD: Feb 2007

    However as a preemptive measure against any potential layoff from company A, I have started looking around. I am preparing a checklist of things that I have to inform the other companies (say company B) so that the transition is smooth. The 2 main things I can think of to talk about with any potential employer are:

    1) I DEFINITELY want to maintain my H1-B; so they will have to transfer it. I will be pushing this to make sure I have the flexibility to get a dependent at any time

    2) They will have to help me MAINTAIN my GC process. For example any minor changes in the position requirements to show that the job is similar or same. Thats one reason I am primarily looking at similar work profiles

    I would GREATLY appreciate if someone from this thread can point me to any location or list out the things that I should be extremely careful about or notify to both my previous employer and the future employer to avoid any future pains in my GC process. A few things that I remember are as follows, but please provide more information that may be missed out here:

    1) Do I have to ask Company B to apply for anything relating to my GC? I want to make sure that they know and agree to all costs associated with the paperwork? Dont want to end up paying from my pocket as I have heard in a few cases before

    2) I believe since my I-140 is approved for more than 180 days or actually my I-485 being filed for more than 180 days, I am allowed to move, correct?

    3) Since my I-140 is approved and I have an EAD, can USCIS/Company A cause it to be revoked? OR it doesn't apply to my case?

    4) Do I need to ask Company A to maintain anything? Or just keeping good relations with them is enough :)

    Thanks a lot to everyone in advance. Please let me know at your earliest convenience as you never know when opportunities come knocking at your door. Its better to be prepared ;)


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  • s416504
    11-10 02:49 PM
    It is always good to maintain L1A status. I think best way to apply your L1A extention under premium & family under normal. I think premium fee is only for primary application & not dependent. If anything goes wrong with I140, you will be ground zero on status. In that case, You may have to leave the country immediately.

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  • raysaikat
    05-20 09:23 AM
    Hello, I'm Hyoung and I'm graduate student at Purdue University.

    I handed in my paperworks to extend my I-20 before more than 2 weeks ago that is expired. But recommendation reason that my academic advisor wrote was not appropriate and that was "Keep studying Ph.D". I am planning to graduate my masters in August. And I-20 is expired on May/16.

    Actually, I was notified that issue 5 working days before from ISS in my school that the reason is not appropriate and handed in a new recommendation form one day after when my I-20 expired.

    At this case, do I need to follow applying procedure for a reinstatement with application fee $300?

    I'm so depressed because I did everything that I could do to prevent this problem. But whenever I email to ISS of the school, the answer was that I should finish my masters within May/16 that is impossible for me. And Finally, they emailed me that I need to apply reinstatement now.
    If there is some tips to resolve this issue that you can tell me, could you let me know?

    Thank you so much


    You need to follow what your school's ISS is asking you to do. If your concern is the $300, and if you believe that ISS was at fault for not notifying you earlier, etc., then you can bring that up with someone at ISS and ask them to waive the fee.

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  • LCSufferer
    04-16 01:31 PM

    Congrats Kapil. Our I-485 recept dates were on 04/12/2007. Prior to last month as it was UNAVAILABLE we thought we should wait for a long time to see some movement. But now that they are avaialble we are looking forward (infact when I logged onto my portfolio, which I do almost every day to see if there are any Last Update Dates) to get ours approved. But haven't had any luck thought. We also have renewed our EADs second time just got approved on 03/24/08 (recipt dates were on 02/15/08).

    Not sure if there will be any change in the LUDs on all of our cases like I40s (converted from EB3 to EB2) and on our prior H1s and I - 485s before it gets approved but just hanging in there. Hopefully I will post here some time soon about our 485 approval news.

    Any ways Congratulations and BOTTMS UP :)

    Wish you a Happy New to you and your family too.


    08-18 02:11 PM
    YOu might have already tried this - pls try emailing any school association there (Indian Students Association) - that might turn up good contacts. They are a couple of good universities out there like Chapel Hill...

    06-30 02:32 AM
    Why you are concerned? Even my wife opened the company and doing business.... That's what EAD is for....

    Chill! Life is too small to worry about such things.. You are not doing ANYTHING illegal by opening a company. If anything, USCIS should be glad that their EAD is helping the ailing economy.

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