Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • smarth
    07-20 02:32 PM
    I got appointment letter for Biometrics from USCIS. I already gave in 2007.
    Why are they asking again? and I only got this, my husband and son didn't get it.

    Right now I am on EAD, since last december(2009) I am not working, will there be any issues as I am the primary applicant.


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  • RDB
    07-06 12:13 PM
    EAD renewal usually takes 60-90 days.....however, you can look for the approx. timelines on and look for the processing times for your service center.

    My receipt date is June 20th and haven't received the EAD yet - I don't even expect to receive it before August end.

    Hello friends,

    wanted to see the timeline of EAD renewals currently..I have a EAD renewal receipt notice date of June 18th......was wondering how many days is TX taking to approve the notice....

    Did aanyone around June 15 -June 20th get any approval yet?

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  • gman
    08-19 10:11 AM
    the question is about the type of visa needed to enter canada. I have pending I-485 in US but need visa to go to Canada. I have tourist visa for Canada but was wandering if I need to apply for a diferent visa to visit a client of my company for a few days. The reason of my visit is obviously not tourism...

    Does the question make sense?

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  • zbd
    04-18 11:11 PM
    Can you extend the dates upto current date with year increase. That way we can get some picture.



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  • pd_recapturing
    06-28 09:31 AM
    A friend's H1B transfer from company A to company B was denied. Since his H1B with company A is still valid and is going to expire in 3 months, he can still go back to work for company A. However, if he chooses not to work for company A and tries to find a third employer to do another transfer, is he considered out of status for these three months?
    Do you know as to why it got denied ?

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  • akizdetz
    08-10 04:03 PM
    I have just received the following email:


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: SRCxxxxxxxxxx


    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    On August 9, 2010 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Does this mean that I-140 was also approved? I'm looking online and it's says "Initial Review"... Actually this is the only one that have changed, all other documents for both me and my wife are still at the previous LUD!

    P. S. This looks and sounds weird for me, especially that I have the biometrics appointment on 09/02/2010. I think it's a mistake... Please advise!


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  • sanjay02
    12-24 09:06 PM
    Talk to an qualified attorney

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  • mchokshi
    04-05 10:07 AM
    I am on h1-b visa and I have got an opportunity to have promotion in my current company. This new position is in the same department with the same company and needs almost same type of computer skill but with higher position title, more responsibility, and higher pay.

    Do i need to file for new h1-b or transfer?


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  • fullerene
    12-17 05:21 PM
    core members:

    I was wondering if you may post minutes of immigration symposiums held at Priceton and Boston?

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  • njboy
    07-08 09:24 AM
    yes, they can find out if u were on payroll and paid tax


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  • elusive
    10-14 09:11 AM

    I am Planning to go TORONTO for my 2 H1B visa stamping.In my first experience my application was under administrative processing for 6 months, but since I have AP and EAD I came back,then when they called my Passport was about to expire in 5 Months so with my new passport it went into administrative processing for 2 more weeks then I was asked to come down to toronto and I got my H1-B

    Now here are my concerns specially how to prove

    1) Employer employee scenario( what docs will prove VO, I work as a IT consultant at third party have my H1B approved till 2013, visa is expired,Vendor is ready to give letter , client does not have this policy )

    2) My project end date is feb 2011, what if he asks me what will i do after that, how to convince?

    3) will my previous administrative processing triigers for admin processing again ? I heard that once you went to admin processing after that any time you go for stamping you will go through admin processing?

    4) Will use of Advanc parole (in case of admin processing) TO come to US in anyway cause issues when admin processing is done and visa is to be issued?

    5) Is it safe to go to HomecountrY(Hyderabad,India) than toronto since I dont have US Degree but I did study MS for 3 semesters yet to complete

    6)If I Marry and wants to use AP to enter but work on H1 status, can I still have my wife go for H4 Interview with my expired VISA but unexpired I-797 and she comes on H4 and I come back using AP and work on H1 status?

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  • laststraw
    04-15 12:26 PM
    Here is my estimate on the timeframe:

    Prepare job description etc. - 1 to 2 months (depends on company and attorney)
    Prevailing Wages - 2 months (this is based on the current centralized processing)
    Recruitment Process - 2 to 3 months (depends on company and attorney)
    PERM Labor approval - 9 months (if it gets audited, it would take around 2 years)
    I140 - 4 months (you can reduce it if you can file premium processing)
    I485 - This depends on the EB category & VISA dates - if it is EB3 India, it would probably be 7-10 years or more

    I am not trying to be pessimistic. This is based on what I have observed and read. I have been in this country for 10 years on H1B. I am currently waiting for my Prevailing Wages request to be processes (for my 3rd labor application). It is a long process, but as long as you are working for a good company that treats you well, you should be able to endure the pain.


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  • mhathi
    08-26 02:37 PM
    Sounds like you already have a lawyer, follow their advice. It looks like the RFE is to ensure that you are directly working for the sponsoring company. A letter to that effect from your supervisor should suffice in this regard. I doubt this has anything to do with the OPT/e-Verify stuff you mentioned.

    However, I am not a lawyer, so I would suggest follow your/company lawyer's advice.

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  • ujjvalkoul
    10-04 12:18 PM
    It will be better for u to renew ur H1 while here is US....and before ur current H1 expires...unless u want to go to india for some specific reason for 6 months..

    Get it renewed via preium processing..should be done in 15-20 days...then book apptt for VISA in India and go get it stamped.


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  • gcseeker2002
    01-07 10:28 AM
    Like many others we have been waiting for our AOS application to be approved for over 2 years. But the strange thing is, I did get an EAD approved but they never called me in for fingerprinting and Biometrics. I know I had to do the non-immigration "registration" that was initiated a few years ago and they had taken my fingerprints and biometrics, is that why they didn't call me in again? since they already have it?
    Good to know this !

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  • theOne
    09-22 12:12 AM
    I recently got my gc. Is there anything I need to do to initiate my Citizenship process ?



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  • smartboy75
    08-25 04:51 PM
    Hi all

    I have been trying to use the POJ method to reach an IO but looks like USCIS has shutdown that option. After entering the receipt number it simply reads out the online status message and does not provide any option to reach a CSR.

    Looks like eccessive status calls have caused this.

    Has anyone still been able to use the POJ method today and if yes can u pls post the details ??


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  • SparK_BR
    07-09 08:41 AM
    i'll pay you 10 bucks to eat it :P

    and post a picture of you eating it too!

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  • reachinus
    07-18 12:58 PM
    As far as i know you will be getting 1 receipt number for each application. so totally 6 numbers to keep track of for the years to come. By the when did u file? Was it for June filing? of July filing?

    06-16 07:56 PM
    Mine is MBA and the position is of a Business Analyst

    07-26 11:12 PM
    In the last days, I have realized that we have something in common with the first Pilgrims that came to America, we also have a lot in common with all the immigrants that arrived last century to the Ellis Island, and that is the same COURAGE and values to go after our dreams giving the best of ourselves for this country and for our families.

    Based on what we did this last month dont you think that we need to take action to do something to make possible an increase on the GCs quota?.

    I'd like to use this forum to generate all together as a team great Ideas to show that we are a positive agent of succes for America. The idea of the flowers was marvelous but I think is time to move forward, some new ideas could be:

    - Pay a TV commercial showing that we (America) need diversity, need talented Immmigrants to maintain their leadership in the world.

    - Post ads in the news papers (WSJ, NY times, Washington Post etc) with the same message.

    - I read the blog of Greg Siskind he is doing something great mentioning oustanding immigrants on daily basis, why dont we do the same?

    - Attend all senator meetings and speech and have smart and pacific members of IV in all of them showing the message?

    I THINK WE CAN DO IT, we are the owners of our future, we are the only really interested in have our GCs, I dont see the USCIS, Lou Dobbs, or USANET interested in see something positive about us.

    Please lest post our ideas, and together as a team as the new America immigrants lets look for our future. America is the land where everything is possible I DO BELIEVE IN AMERICA SAME AS THE PILGRIMS AND I THINK YOU ALL BELIEVE THE SAME THATS WHY WE ARE HERE AND why WE READ THIS FORUM...

    Please we need ideas.... LETS MOVE FORWARD WE CAN DO IT........

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